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Jim Keithley’s Teaching Philosophy

For most people golf is an extremely difficult game to learn.  My goal as an instructor is to make each student's time on the golf course as enjoyable as possible by improving their fundamentals and increasing their knowledge of their own golf swing.  Proper grip, posture, ball position, and alignment are the cornerstones of my teaching.  Without these basic pre-shot fundamentals the sequential process of the golf swing will not be successful.

I take a non-methodology approach to teaching.  Each student is and individual and has differing abilities to learn and progress.  The emphasis is on understanding the student and assisting with the learning of their ideal golf swing.

I feel its important for my students to possess the ability to eliminate one side of the golf course.  Knowing which direction your misses occur puts you at an advantage and creates a confident golf swing.  Personally, I like to see my ball flight move left to right (fade); knowing my misses will never go left.


  • Create a positive, fun, stress free environment for my students.
  • Teach proper pre-shot fundamentals: grip, alignment and posture, and ball position.
  • As the students skills develop re-evaluate goals and establish new goal.
  • Place emphasis on a quality short game.
Adult Lessons $70.00
Junior Lessons $35.00
Playing Lessons $85.00 (9 holes)
Series of 6 Lessons
Adult Series $350.00  
Junior Series $175.00  
Note: All lessons range from 30-40 minuites

Jim Keithley, PGA Professional

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